Avoid making costly hiring mistakes with recruitment consulting

Did you know that hiring the wrong person can cost up to 4 times their annual salary? Save time and money with recruitment consulting.

Have you considered the true cost of a bad hire?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already experienced a bad hire. It’s incredibly stressful and costly – and ending the relationship is also an expensive and drawn out process. Not to mention the intangible damage that can be done, such as team morale, and dissatisfied customers. The fallout can be significant.

If you don’t already have a digital marketing strategy for lead generationspeak to us

Or if you already have a digital marketing plan, but it’s not delivering the kind of results you’d hoped for, we need to talk. And soon, before you spend more money on something that isn’t working for you.

How to hire superstars with our recruitment consulting service

We’re not a recruitment agency; rather, our recruitment consulting service is here to teach you the tools and processes so you can start hiring great people, time after time, by yourself. In other words, we’re here to teach you to fish the recruitment pool, rather than do it for you – though we’ll assist you as much as you need us to.

You’ll learn techniques that are perfect for recruiting sales people, as well as other roles.

Why sales recruitment can be particularly challenging

Both sales manager recruitment and recruiting sales reps has some unique challenges compared to other roles. And if you need help with other areas of sales, we can help with that too through our sales coaching.

About our recruitment consulting

We’ll work with you to set you up for success by implementing strategic recruitment techniques. That involves:

Template for calling referees

Asking for references is absolutely crucial to ensure you don’t hire a lemon. We’ll teach you how to approach this and get great results.


Extended DISC

DISC profiling is an incredibly insightful method of personality profiling. We’d start by profiling your existing team, review the DISC assessments, and then identifying the ideal profile of your perfect candidate. This ensures the new hire is a good fit for both the role and your team.


Interview templates

There are several tricks and techniques to use in the interview process, we’ll show you how to identify the very best candidates (and catch out the bluffers).


Recruitment planning

Identifying the roles you need in your team, and the skills and personality type for each of those roles. We’d also work with you to formalise your recruitment process, so it’s consistent each time you use it.

Why choose EXCC for recruitment consulting

Jason Dinan at EXCC is an experienced sales coach and sales recruitment expert with three decades of experience in developing leadership capability and sales training. He’s worked with hundreds of companies in 23 countries – see what his clients say about him, and the results he’s achieved.

As you’ll see from our testimonials and case studies, we have proven expertise in recruitment consulting and sales recruitment.

“I’m still using the recruitment tools that Jason introduced us to eight years ago, as that’s been instrumental to our sales success. Through working with Jason, our sales have seen really good consistency. We’re reaching our sales targets, and have been outperforming our competitors in terms of sales revenue. I’m very happy with the way things are headed.”

Aaron Sampson, Hot Spring Spas

Please book a free 30-minute meeting in my calendar –

I’m looking forward to discussing your

recruitment consulting needs with you.

Jason Dinan, Founder

Jason Dinan, Founder

Please book a free 30-minute meeting in my calendar – I’m looking forward to discussing your recruitment consulting needs with you.