Executive coaching and consulting: Turning good into great

Customised coaching, training, and consulting programmes to help all leaders and teams become more energised, focused, and successful.
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Is your organisation struggling to reach the next level?

Chances are, your business is already pretty good at what it does.

The problem is, that the performance isn’t consistent. Maybe there are team mindset, motivation, recruitment, and retention issues.

Or the sales process is vague, with staff doing their own thing. And you don’t have any real way of measuring where it’s letting you down.

Maybe you were thrust into a leadership position, but you’re not really sure on how to mentor, coach, and inspire your team, day in, day out.

We get it. And all those factors are incredibly frustrating when you have the burning desire to grow your business, and your results.

That’s where Executive Coaching & Consulting comes in

At EXCC, we believe all leaders and teams deserve to become more energised, focused, and successful. That’s why we provide the executive coaching, training, business consultancy, processes, and methodology that deliver powerful results.

EXCC Principal and Founder, Jason Dinan, has the experience and expertise you need

Here’s a short intro from Principal, Jason Dinan, on what EXCC does, and how we do it.

All the businesses that Jason has worked with directly over the past 29 years have outpaced and outgrown the market. Resulting in over $1.87 billion of additional sales revenue for his clients over the past few decades.

“What I like most about working with Jason is his huge amount of experience. It’s evident that he’s been in the sales, sales management, and leadership space for a very long time. There are never any challenges that come along that he hasn’t encountered before, so he is always able to provide good advice. I would definitely recommend Jason to the right type of business – they will significantly benefit from having someone like Jason work with their team.”

Aaron Sampson, General Manager, Hot Springs Spas

Specialisation areas

  • Leadership & Motivation
  • Sales Planning & Operations
  • Sales Process & Coaching
  • Sales Team Management
  • Recruitment
  • Pipeline Management
  • Relationship & Account Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Key Note Speaking
  • Sales Strategy
  • Target Market Value Propositions

Trusted by businesses in New Zealand, Australia and beyond