5 tools to build sustainable motivation in your team – and yourself

Let’s be honest: keeping motivated is no easy task. Here are 5 tools to create and build sustainable motivation for yourself and for your business.

5 tools to build sustainable motivation in your team – and yourself

Let’s be honest: keeping motivated is no easy task. It’s hard enough to keep yourself motivated sometimes – but when you’re responsible for the drive, productivity and morale of other people, it’s a next level challenge.

The key to motivation is to have tools you can draw on – and to use these tools regularly.

Here are the very best tools I’ve used to create and maintain sustainable motivation. I can vouch that these tools absolutely work – it’s a matter of consistency and habit.

5 tools to create and build sustainable motivation

1. Self motivation needs to come first

Your energy levels and mental health stem from your physical health. Take care of yourself with quality nutrition, restful sleep, and regular exercise. Also consider which morning rituals you could incorporate in your day: this could be exercise, meditation, positive affirmations, and visualisations. Starting your morning strong will help keep you energised and motivated throughout the rest of the day.

Taking care of yourself is the best possible investment you can make in yourself, and it’ll show up in your mindset. Remember – success is 80% mindset and 20% skillset.

2. Get clear on your purpose

Why do you do what you do? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What brings meaning to your day, and to your work week? Hint: it’s not just about making money.

Get really clear on what drives you, and make sure all your business decisions align with your core purpose.

And do your company’s Mission, Vision, Values and Purpose statements align with your personal objectives and purpose? If not, it’s important to re-visit these – and get your team involved too.

3. Create short, medium, and long-term goals

Be sure to set goals for different time frames, and then put action plans in place to achieve them. Regularly check in on your goals, and celebrate your wins with your team – every day and every week.

4. Set your team up for success with strong, motivational meetings

Start the week with a team meeting – and each meeting should begin with good news, and by celebrating wins from the previous week. This positive start to the week will alleviate any Monday morning blues and make your workplace somewhere that your team enjoys being.

5. Get to know and understand your team

Really get to know your team members so you understand their personal and professional goals, and then help them achieve these goals.

To do this, have regular one-on-one meetings with all your team members where you’re checking in to
support them. When one-to-ones are done well and consistently, it’s highly motivating; after all, everyone likes to feel valued and recognised. It creates a positive, can-do energy in the workplace.

It’s also important for your team to spend some time together away from the work environment, having fun together. Team building sessions and away days are great for this.


Before you motivate your team, you need to ensure you’re leading from the front, and that you’re healthy, strong, motivated, energised, and clear on your purpose. Then you can structure team meetings and one-on- ones in a way that’s motivational and inspiring. Celebrate your wins and successes often – and have fun!

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By Jason Dinan, Executive Coaching and Consulting

With 29 years of leadership experience working in 23 countries, Jason specialises in growing organisations through developing high- erformance leaders, teams and strategy. He was the project head for a leading homebuilder in New Zealand, Australia and North America, helping grow annual sales from 47% to 311%.

In the construction industry, EXCC has worked with Placemakers, ITM, NZ Bricks, Generation Homes, CS Doors, Sequel Lumbar, and Kohler. And within the NZCB network, Jason has worked with Dash Build, Wiki Scaffolding, Wiki Earthworks, Wiki Electrical, Tomik, and Falcon Construction.