Great news as there is a new fund that became available for Auckland business’s on Thursday 21st October.

Your company may be able to access for advice, planning, support, consulting, training and coaching. We are still awaiting final details however they should be available shortly.


Businesses will be able to apply for up to $3000 worth of advice and planning support, and then receive up to $4,000 to implement that advice through the established Regional Business Partners programme.

Ministers have agreed a $60 million package for business advice and mental health support will be made available to help Auckland businesses through this transition period.

Small Business Minister Stuart Nash said the measures are designed to support Auckland businesses to deal with the uncertainties caused by the Delta outbreak.

“This will help build more resilient businesses, improve the ability to operate when COVID-19 restrictions are in place and position businesses better to seize future opportunities.

“The Regional Business Partners programme is a proven network of experienced advisors who can recommend tailored solutions to the issues faced by business owners.

“This will make a real difference in difficult times and ease some of the financial and wellbeing stresses faced by Auckland businesses under lockdown,” Stuart Nash said

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This fund is brought to you by your Auckland Support Crew

With most of these business assistance programs the dollar figure is not guaranteed and your growth partner within the Auckland Unlimited system will consult with you and approve a certain amount.

The most important thing you need to get clear on is the outcomes you need to achieve, not how much funding you would like, which will mean the fun is distributed fairly to everyone in need.

Auckland Support Crew


The Services that Executive Coaching and Consulting team can help you with are:

Leadership capability development – Development of Strategy skills( including Vision, Purpose and Values), self awareness, coaching skills, accountability and motivating skills
Management capability development – Development of peak performance systems, processes, planning, continuity, team dynamics, team and individual one on one meetings.
People, culture and communication development – Development of the components required to develop a strong, sustainable culture that  allows the peak performance in all roles.

Please feel free to contact our team to discuss this process further.

If you are not currently registered with Auckland Unlimited please do so by clicking this link,

Once you are registered Please call or email the following ASAP so you can get ahead of the queue for the fund access as this will probably run out quickly as previous funds have.

Contact the COVID-19 Business Helpline on 0800 500 362

Email your enquiry to [email protected]

It’s your decision which provider(s) you choose and I am one of many Regional Business Partners providers whom are all specialists.

If you are calling or emailing please let them know the following,

Your full company name, how many staff you have, that you would like business advice support through the new fund for Auckland Businesses that are transitioning through this extended lockdown period and you would also like help with implementation of the advice.

If you would like my team to help your business then please also let them know that you would prefer to use Executive Coaching and
Consulting (who is a registered provider for the RBN) to help you with advice and implementation.