EXCC Peak Performance Coaches

Jason Dinan, Principal & Founder

Jason has always been hard working and high achieving, but that was elevated to amazing new levels when he was hand picked by billionaire Marcus Evans. Marcus mentored Jason monthly for four years: an investment that repaid itself many times over, since Jason increased Marcus’ sales by $50m in that four-year period. One of Jason’s successes at Marcus Evans involved taking a division that had been running successfully for 11 years, and within four weeks of taking it over, had grown sales by 311%.

In fact, all the businesses that Jason has worked with directly over the past 27 years have outpaced and outgrown the market. Resulting in over $1.87 billion of additional sales revenue over the past few decades.

That’s what drives Jason: his clients outperforming their targets, with motivated and happy leaders and teams in place.

Grant Shields

Grant has a unique ability to translate the complicated and make it sound simple. He values the passion his clients have for their business so makes sure he spends time getting to understand the language of any business that he works alongside. Understanding the clients needs both business and personal is important to him, therefore he has spent countless hours learning how to blend behavioural science with performance data to capture the real ‘story’ behind the action or inaction and then to reveal this in such a way that everyone feels empowered and engaged.

With coaching he offers organisations a structure that ensures success in sales and people development. Self-value is an integral part of his coaching as his ‘Purpose’ is to “Actively engage others in the possibility of their own excellence so that they can live courageous, self-confident lives.” He makes sure that everyone gets to understand the deeper reasons for why things happened the way they did and to uncover the potential disruptive behaviours/beliefs that are stalling or even stopping them from achieving their goals.

Greg Campbell

The Guide – Authentic, Courageous Coach and Facilitator

“Guiding people through an empowering process, where we uncover and discover your very own sustainable abundance in the workplace and beyond.”

With 25 years dedicated to the Art of Sales, Technical Sales and Territory Management through a process of continued improvement,  I invite you to tap into my wisdom and experience to master your own financial freedom.

Mandy Davies

The Messenger – Empower, Motivator and Trusted Advisor.

“By shifting from what is predictable and moving into what is possible and achieving goals that most only dream about, I am able to inspire courage and action within a proven framework that supports those ready to discover their own limitless potential.”

With 15 years developing and leading a high performance Sales Team and playing an instrumental role within the Management Team, I bring in-depth knowledge and expertise in Leadership, Sales Management, Sales Process, Communication and Customer Success.