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Here are 9 practical ways you can strengthen your mindset for success, to achieve your goals in life.

9 practical ways to strengthen your mindset for success

It’s the year of the rabbit, which is all about wellness, balance, and abundance. Which sounds wonderful in theory – but what practical steps can you take to put that into place? Here are nine ways you can strengthen your mindset to achieve the success you deserve:

1. Positive self-talk

Talking to yourself in a positive and uplifting manner boosts your confidence and motivates you to pursue your goals. So take note of your internal dialogue – and if you catch yourself saying things like, “I’ll never do it”, turn it around into a positive “I always get through”.

Start your positive self-talk in the mirror every morning, so one of the first things you see is yourself saying a
positive mantra.

2. Gratitude

Practicing gratitude helps you focus on what you have, rather on what you don’t have, which leads to greater satisfaction. Look at all the things you achieved yesterday, or last week, or last month: acknowledge them and be thankful for your accomplishments, small and large.

Incorporate a practice of gratitude into your routine daily, weekly, or monthly: the more you do it, the better your mental health will become.

3. Be present

Being present means you’re totally in the moment. A good way of being present is to simply observe your breath for a few minutes. Focus all your concentration on your breathing. It really can be this simple, but most of us simply don’t focus on being present often enough.

4. Set goals

Setting a goal gives you something to pursue, which creates focus and direction. I recommend using both
SMART and DUMB goal-setting techniques:

    • SMART = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound.
    • DUMB = Dream-driven, Uplifting, Method friendly, Behaviour triggered.

5. Visualise your goals

What do your short, medium, and long-term goals look like? What do the outcomes look like? Picture that success in your mind – and also feel the emotions that go along with your accomplishments and prosperity.

6. Build resilience

Resilience is important so we can bounce back from setbacks, overcome challenges, and maintain that
growth mindset. After we have recognised and felt a failure or loss in our businesses, we need to move on.

7. Learn from mistakes

I’ve personally made more mistakes in life than anyone else I know. But because of my resilience and ability to bounce back, I’ve probably had more success than anyone I know. I’m not afraid of making mistakes, and embrace them as a learning opportunity.

When you’ve identified a mistake, ask yourself: what were the wins from that? What did you learn from that? What will you change going forwards?

8. Surround yourself with positive people

If you surround yourself with positive, inspirational, successful people – by the law of averages, that’s the person you’re going to become.

9. Physical health

The healthier we are physically, the better our brains work:

    • Regular exercise improves your mental and physical wellbeing, which helps reduce stress and
      increase feelings of wellbeing.
    • Good nutrition: the better we eat, the more energy reserves we have.
    • Quality sleep gives you more energy and mental clarity to work towards your goals.

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By Jason Dinan, Executive Coaching and Consulting

With 29 years of leadership experience working in 23 countries, Jason specialises in growing organisations through developing high- erformance leaders, teams and strategy. He was the project head for a leading homebuilder in New Zealand, Australia and North America, helping grow annual sales from 47% to 311%.

In the construction industry, EXCC has worked with Placemakers, ITM, NZ Bricks, Generation Homes, CS Doors, Sequel Lumbar, and Kohler. And within the NZCB network, Jason has worked with Dash Build, Wiki Scaffolding, Wiki Earthworks, Wiki Electrical, Tomik, and Falcon Construction.